Cat Love

Bead Heart

It was Valentines Day and the table was set for a lovely meal, the hoomins had all been working really hard on it, both the bigs and the small bigs or as Lithium liked to think of them… THE KITTENS.

The Kittens were fearsome lovely things and were fine as long as you made sure you only go strokes and NOT hugs. Kisses weren’t too bad but there were a bit snotty and drooly in general so Lith felt they were best avoided.

Sparkly hearts

Sparkly hearts and beads and glitter had taken over the house the last few days and now there was a wonderful food smell wafting from the kitchen. Lithium’s tummy rubbled – she was a very hungry cat.

She looked up at the table, it was all set out with place mats and candles and what not. It looked so lovely and the hoomins always brought the food to the table so it made sense that the place to be was on the table. The only problem was… Lithium was not allowed on the table. She walked around the table three times trying to decide what to do and then checking that the hoomins were all busy she hoped up onto a chair and then onto the table.

Waiting for my date

And… promptly settled down!

When the hoomins came in they stopped and stared at Lithium, normally they shouted and told her to get off the table but this time they oohed and ahhed and the biggest of the Little Bigs stroked her and scritched behind her ears.


Lithium made sure she was right in the corner of the table – cats like corners, it was because it was very mathematical and cats like maths. She sat at a special angle cutting the corner into two triangles – it was lovely.

But she didn’t remain that way for long, with everyone moving about the candle flame started to flutter, looking exactly like a small thing to be caught and if not eaten then chewed alot!

I am going to kill the shiny

Ears pricked to attention she prepared to leap and take down her foe!

But the light went off and a small big distracted her and explained that the candle was hot – she would have burnt her paw! Horrified Lithium reached out her paw to the Hoomins for inspection – just incase she had accidently burnt it anyway.


The Littlest Little Big assured her it was ok, she even kissed her! Now Lithium was drooly and had to groom her fur clean by licking and licking, everyone knew that cat drool was hygienic unlike hoomin drool.

Then she settled down and with a bit of petting began to purr loudly.

Rom Cat

But after a while Lithium got bored, there was still lots of lovely cooking smells but where was the food?

Well I AM waiting Hoomin

She began to mew pathetically but all that happened was the Little Bigs stroked her which was all very nice but not what she had in mind! FOOOOOOD!!! Hoomins could be so silly sometimes!

Complaining meoawly she got them to put the light on again – it had nothing to do with the lost spoon and bad eyesight of one of the Bigs.

Very catmospheric now put a light on

It had been very Catmospheric with the lights out, Lithium had to agree and so they put the light out once more and they sat in the flickering candle lights.

Content as a purry thing

Finally the food showed up, Lithium’s nose twitched and she sniffed at it but there was no meat :(

Poor Lithium had forgotten that the Biggest Big, the one that went all the way up to the sky, he only ate grass like things. Hoomins were so strange. Feeling disappointed she meaowed and licked his hand.

Long hearts

But the the Medium Big or was she the Smallest of Big Bigs? Got up from the table and went and got a special tasty from the fridge which she put on Lithiums fish shaped plate. Lithium jumped off the table and rubbed herself all round Mummy’s Puss-Big Hoomins feet and then chowed down on the lovely yummy that had been put out for her.

It was a lovely Valentines Day for everyone.


Things have been intreging here at Wiggly Pet HQ recently, the humans spent ages building a house in the garden, the smallest wiggly woo who is now talking and apparently called a toddler and not a baby, thought it was for her and so did we. We were very concerned about how she was going to keep warm in there but it looks a very nice house.

Hen house awaiting

Then they turned up with the paper work boxes in their arms, they seemed to be struggling with the boxes and strange ethereal sounds were coming from within. It was a strange warbling grak!

Jean unleashing the chickens

The eldest wiggly woo who really is getting quiet big these days and is now what the humans call a “child”, lifted the lid off the boxes and these reptilian heads stared out at us.

Rescue hens not quiet sure that they are allowed out of the box

Then on of the brutes jumped out of the box and knocked poor Alice straight off of her feet (Alice would like me to point out once again that we do not have feet, I would like to point out yet again that in fact it is a figure of speech and she shouldn’t get her knickers in a twist, she says she doesn’t ware … oh wait now why did she hit me?).

Hens being dusted for red mite

The human male then sprinkled this weird dust on the creatures, it smelt very strange but then so did the animals. It is apparently to stop red mites – this seems a shame to me as if they are going to adopt more things like this surely the humans should be glad if they come with several hundred or so parasites each – mores the merrier I say!

(Alice reckons I would change my mind the first time I was bitten – I reckon she wont be liking these feathered reptiles for very long, I mean have you seen their beaks? We are only small creature after all!)

Anyway they then put the poor things in the house they had built – this mainly seemed to be because on of them had pooed on the new shoes left by the back door by one of the human’s. Me and Alice are very sad to see that they have been locked up in the little house especially as the humans said they were rescuing them from being in small places and being forced to lay eggs!

Scraggy rescue hens in the run exploring

I asked the humans what they were and they said they were dinosaurs, and looking at them I think she may well be right but I thought dinosaurs were extinct. Maybe the humans have finally sorted out their technology – I’m sure I saw a documentary about some dinosaurs being cloned (Alice would like it noted that she has explained the difference between fact and fiction to me.)

Rescue hen Felix

Anyway we are planning mission ‘Free the Dino’s’ hope to see you all next week :)

Baby Panda!

We hadn’t seen the Charlee Pandas for a while and started to worry that it had starved to death because we had failed to find the invisible sugar cain that Jean (the eldest human wiggly woo – known as a kid or child) feeds them.

Then this baby panda appeared

Jeany bean the panda

It kept meowing and we thought it must be looking for it’s Mummy so we decided to try and help it.

Little tail and little feet

But it seemed really scared and just ran away from us. It was so cute with it’s little tail bobbing that we couldn’t help but say Ah!

Panda cuases devistation in Snell-Pym garden

It then stared recking the humans garden, moving all the furniture and stuff. We were quiet concerned that the humans would be annoyed so we rushed up to it but instead of being scared it just stared at us with big eyes.

Panda! Panda Cool

So we explained about the humans and how they shout at their own Wiggly Woos when they move the garden furniture about. But it didn’t seem to understand it just giggled and then… then it was a cheeky naughty panda and blew a raspberry at us (or at least that’s what Alice says it is called – what it actually did involved no fruit what so ever – it stuck it’s tongue out and made a loud and rather moist sound at us!).

Cheeky panda!

Alice got very indignant about this and went off in a huff but the baby panda got sad :(

Panda Jean

And we decided that it was only a baby after all and probably didn’t understand that it was being rude so we helped it get a nice glass of water.

Serious drinking panda

It cheered up no end and we all went to look for it’s mummy together. We couldn’t find anymore Charlee Pandas anywhere though but the little thing seems to have imprinted on the humans as surrogates. When we saw one of the humans it rushed up to it shouting ‘Mummy!’ we think it was indeed the female human (humans all look a like and the whole gender thing is still a bit of mystery to us Wiggly Pets!).

Anyway we are thinking the humans have actually adopted the baby panda and will be asking them about it.

The Search for the Invisible Sugar Cain

Here at Wiggly Pet HQ we have been invaded by some lovely Charlee Pandas – they seem to be everywhere!

Anyway me and Alice had observed that the larger Wiggly Woo Jean seemed to always have some invisible sugar cain on her for them. So we decided to hide in her pockets to see where she was getting it from.

But it didn’t work :(

All that happened is that we got shocken about something awful – Alice even threw up. ( :( she just hit me and said so did I and then got grumpy when I said I hadn’t included that bit as it made me seem a bit lame – not sure what I’ve done wrong.)

Then we ended up sitting on a thing called a ‘desk’ at a scary loud place full of children called a ‘school’. Apparently this is where the older Wiggly Woos go – Alice said we already knew that wiggly woos (humans call them children) went to school, but I didn’t.

Anyway we ended up there all week and human kids have huge lung capacities and they never ever ever SHUT UP!

(Alice says I am the grump and that they were lovely too us, making us ‘pretend food’ out of plasticine – even if little Joey did get confused and accidently feed us his boggy.)

Thankfully Jean remembered to bring us home on Friday. I have spent the weekend trying to recover – Alice is moaning saying ‘yeah and I haven’t wash the boggy off of me’ I don’t know what she is talking about :/

Panda Mayhem!

Interesting things have been afoot here at Wiggly Pet HQ! It was the wiggly woos birthday (the humans call wiggly woos babies and this one was 2 yrs old), the house was full of lots of ‘children’ who made so much noise a wiggly pet could not hear himself thinking.

So I went out into the garden as there was lovely sunshine even though it is the middle of winter!

And that was when I saw it – a giant black and white animal – as big as a human!

Panda heading towards Jean

It was heading straight over to Jean (the older Wiggly Woo), it was making little purring noises and amazingly Jean didn’t even stop drinking her drink.

Jean and the Giant Panda

Then however it turned around and stormed up the garden straight at one of the humans adults! It was making the strangest barking noise.

Giant Panda attacks Alaric

It reared right up at the human and I thought, ‘eek! That’s it the poor thing is done for!’ Humans are not well equipped with natural weapons and this creature looked savage!

But the human (I think it was the one known as ‘Daddy’ I find it so hard to tell them apart – especially the adults), just started to laugh! Yes that’s right laugh. He seemed to think it was really funny – I could see nothing funny about the situation at all.

But I think the human must have known how to deal with the creature as it seemed to subside and just sort of snugged down. Jean then fed it some invisible sugar cain – I haven’t been able to discover where she got it from yet but me and Alice will be going on an explore to find the plantation soonly.

Whilst it was eating I found out it is a special breed called a Charlee Panda. I think the extra human who came to stay for the party much have bought it as her name was Charlee too. Coincidence? I think not!

Once it had finished eating it scooped the baby up and grabbed Jean and us wiggly pets were about to storm the thing and make sure it didn’t eat the wiggly woos.

Panda and babes

But it turned out to only want a hug!

Panda Charlee and the girls

So it was all ok in the end and it seemed really friendly.

The Stick Family

The Stick Family

Hi it’s Bob here again :) Hope everyone is having fun in 2013! We are currently snowed in here at Wiggly Pets HQ.

I think that might be why this new family has moved in – they are called the stick family – we found this portrait of them and are trying to find them to help them settle in.

They look a friendly bunch and we the Wiggly Pets are really looking forward to having lots of new friends :)

Percival’s Christmas Wish

One of the humans who lives here at Wiggly Pets HQ has been working very hard indeed! She was attempting to draw 14 pictures to illustrate a children’s christmas story she has written. Well she hasn’t managed it but it was not for want of trying! And she has raised some money for homeless human wiggly woos (they call them babies, or children or kids or Oi!). So as promised here is the story though only with one outlined picture.

Percival’s Christmas Wish

Cathedral Outline

In Gloucestershire, many magical things have happened; especially on Christmas eve at the midnight hour in the city of Gloucester itself. People have spoken of it for centuries. You see, at that time on that day all the animals can talk!

Of course animals can always talk – but not always be understood. A meow sounds different to a bark, which sounds different to a squeak.

But on this day at that hour they can all talk to to each other and to humans too! If the humans bother listening, that is. The creatures who love this the most are the little mice. Gloucester, and indeed all of Gloucestershire, is full of mice that spin… and sew and knit and sometimes use fabric glue and velcro though the older mice do consider this to be somewhat cheating.

The Mice that Spin are so important to the region that if you look at a lot of the churches in Gloucestershire (and Gloucestershire has a lot of churches) you will see a stone block carved with a relief of scissors and needles and thread and other cloth related things.

But the mice are small and often over looked or misunderstood by the humans whose lunch is nibbled, or mistaken by cats for a light bite to eat, which means life can be very hard for these little rodents. However on Christmas eve no one would dare eat a talking mouse – whether owl or cat or human – especially when they are so nicely turned out in the sweetest of tiny clothing sets.

And so on Christmas Eve all the mice in Gloucestershire, plus a few from Cardiff and Bristol, and maybe Oxford and even one or two all the way from London, come together for the bestest of parties.

Our adventure takes place at one of these parties not so very long ago, about 2007 or so. That year terrible floods had affected many homes in the area and humans and mice found themselves homeless.

Percival was one such mouse; his lovely basement dwelling had filled up and he had barely escaped in an old empty baked bean tin. He had drifted in said baked been tin for three days, after discovering that that bread sticks did not make the greatest of paddles – mainly due to them getting soggy and falling to pieces.

After the three days he was a very sorry, soggy and hungry little mouse. Fortunately, though, being a mouse, he did not have much issue with dirty water – unlike one poor little human (who is indeed very important to this story!). This small person is known as Jean and at the time she was but a tiny toddler.

The only home Jean had known had water pour in through the walls. And to make it worse it was sticky smelly water full of cow poo and other fragrant things… you know, the sort that is referred to as a ‘number two’.

Jean’s Mummy and Daddy had had to wade through water and be helped by the police to get to Jean at her Nursery School that day, and then when they finally got home, there was no home for them anymore, not really.

‘Oh dear!’ Jean had chirruped, ‘Oh dear tortor! Tortor everywhere, bad torter’, the little girl announced. She was still too little to say many words; or at least ones that silly grown ups could understand . The other toddlers at the Nursery understood her perfectly well.

That night they camped in the attic and waded through the water the next day with a few bits of clothing and Jean’s favourite teddy – Yellow Bear. They had then headed over to Daddy’s aunt who said she would keep an eye on Jeany whilst things like insurance were all sorted out. Unfortunately more bad luck was in store for this little family – so many people had been flooded that there was no help to be had; at least, not straight away.

And then it turned out that the water they were drinking had been contaminated by flood water. This made it really dirty and meant that everyone needed to drink from special tanks the military were delivering to each road. And the electricity stopped working too as the electricity sub-station had also been flooded, so they could not listen to the radio or watch television. So neither they nor their aunt knew the water was bad and Mummy and Jeany drank the water and became very sick.

Little Jeany had to stay in hospital but she got a new snuggly bear with a purple outfit. It was yellow bear’s new friend and was hugged lots. And lots of hugs were needed at this time – it had been summer when the house was flooded and by Christmas there was still no hope of moving home again. Jean slept in a travel cot that Mummy’s aunt had lent them and every two weeks they moved on to another friends house or flat or office.

Percival was having a similar problem, as were many of the other mice; but it was worse for him. Now as you may well know, Mice that Spin tend to be from very large families so most of the little mice had relatives to stay with (even if it did make things that little bit extra crowded). But poor Percival was an orphan; he had no mummy or daddy and his sister had emigrated to Australia in a box of meringues.

This meant that, unlike most mice, Percival really was on his own; and he felt very sad and lonely.

A nice mouse at the Cathedral helped Percival and other mice like him. The Cathedral was a beautiful place to live – sunlight would stream through the stained glass windows. It was all lovely colours that lent a glow to the sandstone pillars of the building itself.

Percival had a very comfy bed in a piece of blue velvet cloth that was draped over various things in one of the rooms and there were lots of yummy cake crumbs to eat from the tea shop. And he had even joined the choir; but it wasn’t really a home. What Percival really really wanted was a family. He made up his mind that on Christmas Eve, during that magic hour, he would tell Father Christmas what he wanted.

Jean’s family, on the other hand, would have very much liked their home back for christmas – but that was not going to happen. Instead, they were staying with friends and family in Gloucester. Now, living while not in your own home can be very expensive and Jean’s parents had had their own business which was run from their house. The flood had destroyed that too, so they had very little money that year. Fortunately, her daddy had found a new job which he would be starting in the new year and so they were, at least, hopeful.

That Christmas Eve they and their family started preparing food for the next day. Jean’s Daddy is a vegetarian so he was constructing a special dish called Leopard Pie which apparently has no real leopards in it (as that would have made it not a vegetarian-safe pie after all!) Everyone was looking forward to sampling it and Nanny was making her famous sausage plaits (which seemed to be mostly tomato ketchup, as far as Jean could tell).

Poor Granfer on the other hand seemed to be having an argument with a reel of sticky tape – it was a battle he was most definitely losing. There was a warm smell of orange and spice from the saucepans on the hob; these were mulled wine and mulled orange juice. The orange juice was specially for Jeany, and Mummy who was still poorly, and Daddy who would probably have to drive someone to somewhere later that evening.

Jean was helping Mummy make mince pies and Mummy’s friend Clare was helping too! It being Christmas Eve Jean was wearing a reindeer hat and matching slippers and a blue sparkly snowflake jumper with white fur trim – she was very excited and tried to sing along to the songs Mummy and Daddy played.

Then, whilst eating warm minced pies, they sat and watched a film about mice at Christmas. Jean decided she would ask Santa for a talking mouse of her own, a special little friend.

Meanwhile at the Cathedral, Percival was helping put glitter in the Christmas tree. He was also due to sing at the midnight concert that evening. He was very excited and really very nervous; he smoothed his fur down using his reflection in a dark blue christmas bauble. He was so nervous that he had hardly been able to nibble the piece of shortbread that had been dropped behind the organ earlier that day. It had a snow man on it and just the right amount of sugar. And later on, before the concert, there would be candied peel and marshmallows! He just couldn’t wait and was really looking forward to all the tasty food.

But for now there was lots of decorations to be put out – it was getting late and people would start arriving soon.

Back at Jean’s house, Jean had napped and was not best pleased to be woken up and kept shouting, ‘No! No! No! No!’ about everything until Daddy warned her that they would not go and see the Man With The Beard! Jean suddenly became quiet and still and her eyes were so wide that Mummy just had to kiss her on the end of her nose.

They put out a minced pie and some brandy in a mug (Granfer moaned that it should be sherry in a nice glass but it was all they had and he assured Jean that Santa would love it just as much.) For Rudolf, they scattered special magic oats.

Then they all put their coats on to head out to the Cathedral for Midnight Mass, which Nanny just loved going to. They were going to walk but Nanny was feeling too old to walk there in the ice crisp night, so Daddy decided to drive into town and Jean was strapped into her car seat with the minimum of tears and fuss.

Mummy and her friend would meet them at the Cathedral. When they got there Father Christmas was large and jolly and rather loud. Jean became very shy suddenly and snugged into Daddy who was holding her. Santa smiled anyway and handed her a packet of sweets with a “HoHoHo”! And daddy fed a stack of coins into a collection tin. Jean was sad as they walked away – she hadn’t managed to ask for a little friend, all of her own.

When they caught up with Mummy Jean tried to explain; Mummy sort of understood, but not really. It is often a problem with parents, as I am sure all children will agree.

But she did say that Christmas is a special magic, time and hope and love could bring about miracles, so Jean hoped with all her might and told a frozen puddle that she would love a little friend.

Then they were heading over bumpity ground; the Cathedral stood lit up and from inside there was already the sound of singing. Jean sat snugged first on one lap and then on another playing with toys and drinking the beaker of warm milk Daddy had produced from out of his bag. She liked the singing very much especially as she could hear little squeaks that were somehow words. The last hymn they sang was In The Deep Midwinter and Jean climbed down and peered through the chair legs; she was sure there were little mice just over there… but mummy wouldn’t let her go and explore.

Percival finished singing his favourite hymn. It had been the last one of the concert. Little mice applauded, as did a pigeon that had wondered in off the streets. ‘That be good singing!’ it said, and Percival thanked him. Then he stopped and realised what the time was! He was talking to a pigeon! He needed to get to a phone and quick – there was only 15 minutes left! He just hoped that directory inquiries had Father Christmas’ number. He didn’t know what he would do if St. Nick was ex-directory!

He scuttled across the floor but the humans began to all move about – and their feet were huge!

To escape it all he scrambled up the side of a push chair and hid in the folds of the canopy. He was really scared; his little nose was twitching rapidly from side to side. A very small human was strapped into the pushchair and the poor thing really was not very happy about this at all, but it cheered up as the pushchair was wheeled out into the dark night. Percival hung on for his life!

Large flakes of snow had begun to to drift from the sky and the pushchair’s canopy was rolled forwards and with a squeak Percival landed in the little ones lap.

‘Oh No!’ he cried and tried to scramble away but a mittened hand caught him. ‘Hello!’ said Jean.

‘Hello!’ replied the worried Percival as he tried to work out how he was going to escape.

‘Talking mouse!’ the little girl said with glee.

‘Erm, yes’ said the struggling mouse, ‘it’s… christmas… eve… at… midnight.. all. animals… talk!’

‘I asked Santa for a talking mouse!’ Jean commented happily.

Percival stopped trying to struggle out of her grip ‘you did?’ he asked.

‘Yes!’ Jean said excitedly.

‘I wanted to talk to him’ said the little mouse sadly ‘but I now only have eight minutes of talking left.’

Jean thought about the oats and brandy they had put out at home and said ‘he’ll be on his sled now!’

‘Oh, I was going to phone him’ Percival said.

‘Oh, do you want to borrow my phone?’ Jean asked offering him a red and blue plastic toy.

‘Oh, yes please!’ came the ecstatic answer but then he became very sad when he found he could not dial out. ‘This phone isn’t working, but thank you for lending it to me,’ he said as big tears began to run down his furry cheeks. A particularly fat one rolled straight down his nose and off of the the end with a little sorry sounding “Splat!” on Jean’s coat.

Jean tried to pat him better, being very careful to be as gentle as she could, as he was really very small. ‘What did you want to ask him, anyway?’ she asked. ‘My Mummy says all you need is hope and love.’

‘I wanted a family!’ he cried.

Jean paused in stroking him and thought and thought and thought some more and then wrinkled up her nose with the new thought (and the cold) and said ‘We could be your family! Me and Mummy and Daddy and Nanny and Granfer and Uncle David and…. well there are lots of us but mainly Mummy and Daddy and me!’

Percival sat very still. Jean continued, ‘I wanted a little mouse and you wanted a family!’

He nodded and then asked, ‘Do you like fruit and nuts?’

Jean shook her head but at Percival’s dropping whiskers she said, ‘but Mummy does! I’m sure she’ll share with you’ and she smiled and patted him on the head.

‘Thank you!’ he said

‘I’m Jean!’ said Jean happily.

‘I’m Percival!’ he said, just as the clock struck one in the morning. It was Christmas day and time for bed. Jean held Percival up to Mummy.

‘Look!’ she shouted enthusiastically. Nanny screamed but Mummy picked him up gently. ‘Oh, what a cute little mouse! How ever did you catch him?’ And she put him down on the floor, but Percival didn’t want to be left behind so ran back to the buggy and scrambled up to Jean. Mummy and Daddy looked at each other and then Mummy looked at her friend Clare who sighed, ‘I supposed I can dig out the old hampster cage when we get back’, she said .

‘Thank you!’ said Mummy and Daddy, who then checked that Jean was being gentle enough with the little mouse.

Jean and Percival found that they could only sometimes talk to each other after that night; but that it didn’t much matter, like Mummy not understanding exactly what she was saying all the time. After Christmas they went to stay at another friend’s house in London where percival did not even sleep in his cage but had a home all his own in the store cupboard. The little family stayed there for a long time with Mr Andy whose flat it was; he even cooked meals and things for them and in many ways they were sad to leave when their wish was granted and they once more had a home of their own. It was then they realised that they had never really been without a home, just the building to set the home up in, and Mummy had been right all along; all miracles need is hope and love, and even when hope is hiding, it can always be coaxed out once more by gentle love.

Merry Christmas One and All.

Audio version

The Human would like me to point out that you can still donate to Shelter by clicking the button below or by texting JEAN90 to 70070 which will donate £1 to Shelter.

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Dexter Puppy’s Christmas Visit

Here is a little write up from one of the humans about a very cute visitor we had here at Wiggly Pet HQ last week.

Dexter’s Visit

Mummy had been talking about wanting a puppy for a while but Daddy was concerned about how much work it would be, so everyone was very excited when Mary brought home a new friend from nursery.

Dexter the puppy getting ready for Christmas

Dexter the puppy got lots of hugs and pats from Mary and her big sister Jean, and Mummy and Daddy. The cats on the other hand thought this was dreadful and headed straight for the door but on discovering it was raining decided to just curl up and ignore Dexter in another room.

Mummy explained that Dexter would only be staying a week but the cats were still not sure it was such a good thing but then they saw how much cuddling the puppy was getting from little baby Mary and sighed and huge sigh of relief that it was not them she was snugging.

Baby Mary snugging Dexter Puppy

During the week Dexter played with Mary in the mornings, jumping around yapping excitedly whilst Mary would spin in circles shouting, ‘Weeeeeee!’ They would do this non-stop until they were both so dizzy that they crashed down to the floor were they would then snug down together under a blanket. They then played lots of games like sitting on the blanket and being pirates on a raft.

Mary and Dexter playing

After all that playing they would be very hungry so it was lunch time! Sushi rice and chopped up peppers for Mary and make-believe dog biscuits for Dexter. Sometimes Mary would insist on giving Dexter breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper!

So it was a good job it was imaginary food though poor mummy did get very tired having to make all those pretend meals!

Baby Mary ordering more imaginary food for Dexter the puppy

After lunch it is Mary’s nap time but Mary gets a bit cross at nap time and so Dexter the puppy tended to get flying lessons out of the cot each afternoon. When big sis Jean came home from school Mary would wake up from the nap and still be quiet grumpy but a quick hug from the puppy and an afternoon snack of banana and more invisible dog biscuits whilst listening to Jeany read the Hobbit would soon cheer both baby and puppy up!

Mary stroking Dexter Puppy

Dexter the puppy and Mary the baby and Jeany the big sis, and Mummy the pretend food creator and Daddy the Daddy, but not the cats, had a great time with an adventure packed week including The Incident of The Strang Christmas Decoration. Which of course turned out to be Dexter who had climbed up and hidden in the Christmas tree during a game of hide and seek with the girls!

The strangest christmas decoration

Dexter Puppy playing hide and seek

The End


p.s. Alice says that I should say that, the human who wrote (yes Alice I know it should be “written” but it’s me that’s writing this not you!) is currently doing a Draw-a-thon to raise money for Shelter which is a charity here in the UK that helps homeless people and those likely to loose their homes. There are over 75, 000 homeless children this year and it is Christmas time which is very important time to the humans though personally I think we should be helping people ALL THE TIME but humans don’t always think that way. Anyway the human is attempting to illustrate a childrens story before Christmas Eve – she started a few days ago and has some lovely pencil sketches that look very much like a little mouse they once own (Alice says that is because the story is based on true events!). The story will go up here with a down loadable option as well, for free. If she hits her sponsor target of £100 she will also make the audio version free for everyone as that will help 5 families!

So here is the sponsor button… the human is turfing me off the computer now to scan her latest drawings for the story!

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Creativi Tea

Creativiti Tea

We found this drawing by one of the humans and we feel betrayed – after all that talk of the mugs not being alive! Here is an entity called Creativi, who is obviously alive. This means the mug that smashed is a person!

Me and Alice have decided that we must therefore rescue the smashed mug and try and repair it!

The Cupboard of Cups

So after seeing the picture of Normali Tea – the very happy entity that looks a lot like a mug, me and Alice thought we would go and have a look in the cupboard just incase the mugs are alive and we had just some how missed it.

We decided to take the first contact kit with us just incase – this is a very sophisticated apparatus involving tin foil, origami and shouting slowly. Alice says that I shouldn’t just shout at all creatures slowly in English, maybe Universal but not English. I tried to explain that the old Human had explained that English is Universal but she just glared at me and then at him which considering how big humans are is quiet brave. Of course he then decided he needed to go and make a coffee rather than argue the point with her which I felt was a bit silly of him (I think it is a him anyway – it is so hard to tell with humans). Alice says that if we really think that English is the Universal language then we should go and talk to Mother Lang about it all.

I may well do that!

Anyway we got to the cupboard over the great desert of Floor Tile and found we could not open the doors :/ They were simply too big and too heavy, so we had two choices – to either wait for a human to come along and open it or we could turn back and make sure we packed levers and what not for the next day and try again.

We decided to wait and sure enough the little Wiggly-Woo (humans call them babies) came along and tried to open the door. It opened a crack but then stopped. The poor little thing pulled and pulled on the door but it wouldn’t go any further. Alice at this point pointed out that we could get into the cupboard through the crack so we did. And then the door shut.

And we couldn’t pull it open again and it was dark in the cupboard and we got really scared (Alice says no I got really scared but I’m sure her teeth were chattering from fright! (she says w don’t have teeth) ). We called out to the ranks of mugs behind us but there was no answer, this made it all even more spooky.

Eventually one of the humans opened the door – this time it opened all the way and it was easy to just hop out. Of course this made the human jump and drop a mug. The poor thing smashed to pieces all over the tiles :(

Alice burst into tears and the human stopped shouting and asked why she was crying – when we explained she said that the mugs weren’t alive and gave us a rasin each.

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