I find myself wondering how these little creatures crossed the vastness of interstella space – Alice keeps coughing and muttering well you made it here didn’t you? I think she is very cruel.

Cheer Up!

Cheer Up

You know the more of these snobberlink sketches we find, the more I feel a kind of grudging sorry-ness for the little round one.

Ballet Hurts

Ballet Hurts

Now it looks like the foul and despicable creatures known as The Snobberlinks have gone and “borrowed” the human’s wiggly woo’s ballet shoes. Human’s like to send their off spring, which they call children or babies or kids depending on weather it is half goat or not (we think), to various clubs and sporting activities. Apparently you can only do this if you have money as the equipment can be rather expensive as well as the actual lessons. Us wiggly pets still are not entirely sure what money is and to be honest I’m not sure the humans really know.

Anyway I think the snobberlinks may have some very upset humans on their case if they damage the ballet shoes as I hear that they are expensive too.

Asking For Directions

Asking Directions

The stupidity of our fellow aliens is startling – us wiggly pets are quiet frankly ashamed of the Intergalatic Community. I can only hope that the human somehow got the situation wrong or misunderstood – they are prone to getting things a little confuse, I mean look at global warming!

Arms Embargo

Arms Embargo

Again a warning from the Wiggly Pet Community – here is another of the human’s sketches of the dreaded snobberlinks!

Carbon Cages

Punk inside a carbon cage

There must be a real infestation round here of snobberlinks! I found yet another sketch of the creatures done by the human. Again the poor thing seems to be trapped in some sort of cage, it is pink this time – I wonder why?

(Alice says it’s a visual pun based on a science joke but I have to ask myself would snobberlinks really get science? Alice says they have space tech so she would hope so. I think she is just being nice. Now I wonder if she’ll explain the joke to me?)

Natural Nano-Tech

Consuming natural nanotech

My goodness the Snobberlinks are thick! Just look at this sketch one of the humans made! He thinks a bowl of salad is nanotech!

(Alice says it is natural nanotech as it turns sun light into energy and that the silly thing is being worried about it – she is crossing her arms and if she had feet she’d be tapping them as well, she says it’s not very nice to call them thick especially as they actually know that salad was natural nano-tech, I’m going to go and read my book now and I am not talking to Alice as I thick she just insinuated that I was thick which is mean :( )

Where Did We Park It?

Where did we park the flying saucer?

As it turns out the snobberlink appears to have escaped it’s subatomic prison though they do seem to need the worms to think for them – we are wondering if it is some sort of symbiotic relationship (Alice says I should write Mutulism instead of symbiotic to be correct – again I feel she has no concept of the flow of words and narritive).

Worms and Maths

Introducing Calculus by Worm

After finding this sketch by the human Alice thinks that we have no need to consult the humans about what might have happened to the Snobberlink that is trapped inside a crystalline structures unit cell – she thinks we need to talk to the worms who she says have a firm grasp of the mathematical truth of the universe. I reminded her it is just a theory, a system even – built up on its’ own axioms. She told me to shut up and then started saying things like mutter mutter quantum tunneling mutter spilation mutter MUTTER mutter worm wholes.

Not really sure why worms having wholes is really such an important fact in the search but Alice thinks it is very important.

Poor Little Thing

As much as we wiggly pets are the arch nemisis of the Snobberlinks this latest sketch we found in the humans note book makes us very sad and worried. Alice says it looks like a unit cell diagram of some sillicate (she recons that’s a type of rock and that it means the snobberlink has been shrunk to sub atomic size.)

Viable Structure

We shall consult with the humans – one of which was a geologist as see if we can mount a rescue mission.

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