Creativi Tea

Creativiti Tea

We found this drawing by one of the humans and we feel betrayed – after all that talk of the mugs not being alive! Here is an entity called Creativi, who is obviously alive. This means the mug that smashed is a person!

Me and Alice have decided that we must therefore rescue the smashed mug and try and repair it!

The Cupboard of Cups

So after seeing the picture of Normali Tea – the very happy entity that looks a lot like a mug, me and Alice thought we would go and have a look in the cupboard just incase the mugs are alive and we had just some how missed it.

We decided to take the first contact kit with us just incase – this is a very sophisticated apparatus involving tin foil, origami and shouting slowly. Alice says that I shouldn’t just shout at all creatures slowly in English, maybe Universal but not English. I tried to explain that the old Human had explained that English is Universal but she just glared at me and then at him which considering how big humans are is quiet brave. Of course he then decided he needed to go and make a coffee rather than argue the point with her which I felt was a bit silly of him (I think it is a him anyway – it is so hard to tell with humans). Alice says that if we really think that English is the Universal language then we should go and talk to Mother Lang about it all.

I may well do that!

Anyway we got to the cupboard over the great desert of Floor Tile and found we could not open the doors :/ They were simply too big and too heavy, so we had two choices – to either wait for a human to come along and open it or we could turn back and make sure we packed levers and what not for the next day and try again.

We decided to wait and sure enough the little Wiggly-Woo (humans call them babies) came along and tried to open the door. It opened a crack but then stopped. The poor little thing pulled and pulled on the door but it wouldn’t go any further. Alice at this point pointed out that we could get into the cupboard through the crack so we did. And then the door shut.

And we couldn’t pull it open again and it was dark in the cupboard and we got really scared (Alice says no I got really scared but I’m sure her teeth were chattering from fright! (she says w don’t have teeth) ). We called out to the ranks of mugs behind us but there was no answer, this made it all even more spooky.

Eventually one of the humans opened the door – this time it opened all the way and it was easy to just hop out. Of course this made the human jump and drop a mug. The poor thing smashed to pieces all over the tiles :(

Alice burst into tears and the human stopped shouting and asked why she was crying – when we explained she said that the mugs weren’t alive and gave us a rasin each.

Normali Tea

The humans have been acting a bit strange lately. Alice thinks it is spring fever or something. For example we found this picture of an obviously very happy entity called Normali. From the drawing it would appear to be a mug or something so we are going to attempt to get into the cupboards and check out all the mugs in there just in case they are all actually alive.

Normali Tea

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