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Today, a mysterious object appeared in the garden upon the Stone Disc. We are all excited and wondering if it is of an extraterrestrial or of a transdimensional nature or possibly, if we are really lucky, both!

None of us have yet gone out to explore the object properly, nor have we tried to communicate with it yet, but we have high hopes that here at last we might find some intelligent beings on the Earth with which we can have meaningful conversations. Oh how I would love to discuss the principles of gravitational lensing and the implications of interstellar communications with someone that actually understood the vector calculus properly and isn’t Alice. (She says she would just like to clarify that this is because I don’t understand vector calculus and it is always her who actually has to do the maths – but I think it should be noted that I only let her do it to keep her happy).

Still, we will hopefully be mounting an expedition tomorrow, which should be loads of fun!

I will let you know how it all goes my next post!

Hope to have exciting things to tell you next week.



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Well its been a week now and Alice still isn’t talking to me. And because I accidently kissed Bazz and forgot the picnic, he’s not talking to me either, and the other guys are all off either looking after wiggly woos or taking thorns out of kittens paws and those sorts of things. So the upshot of this is that I’ve had lots and lots of free time and as a result have nothing much to actually blog about. I have to say that for a community blog it seems a bit off that I am the only one who actually ever bothers to blog anything. I mean there are well over a hundred of us just here in Gloucestershire but does anyone else bother? No, it’s just me, boring old Ted who does it – well I’m fed up, so I’ve spent most of the week sunbathing on my nice red leaf.

There, that is all I’m blogging this week.


Amendment: Alice pointed out after this went live that I was the one who actually set the blog up and I’ve forgotten to tell anyone else how to blog and that’s why they haven’t been posting. Oh well at least she’s speaking to me again (she says she’s not but I think she is).

The Pink Daisy Trees of the Rock Garden

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump (or Ted if you prefer).

Pink Daisys

I am very intrigued by the rare and beautiful so when some of the guys came back last week saying that there were some very rare and exotic Pink Daisy trees over by the Rain Forest (the humans call this the Other Rock Garden or something, I’m not entirely sure. I think it might also be called the Flower Bed). I tried to get Alice to come with me but she says a) she’s “never coming exploring with me again, remember?” b) she’s not listening to any more of my bright ideas, especially where Daisy Trees are concerned, and c) she’s not talking to me because of last week’s post. I think that it was probably a mistake to point out at then that she was actually talking to me, telling me she wasn’t talking to me – I don’t think it went down very well.

Anyway, I decided that I would go anyway and my friend Bazz said he’d come along too – the only problem being that he was camera shy and so stayed behind the camera taking all the photos.

Now to get to the Rain Forest/Rock Garden you have to traverse the Great Gravel River (the humans call it the driveway and sometimes roaring monsters rush across it, so we are careful to keep the wiggly woos well away from it). It is hard work getting across it with boulders the size of strawberries, and it is so dusty you really work up a thirst. Once on the other side, we had to climb a ragged cliff (the humans call it a wall) and there they were: the Pink Daisy Trees of the Rock Garden. And oh my, were they beautiful! I momentarily forgot it was Bazz with me and not Alice and so kissed him soundly in celebration – he wasn’t very happy about this.

Still, I apologised and explained, though he said if I said he was a girl again, I would be in more trouble than I had been in, that morning with Alice. We settled down for a bit of a rest and a picnic; the only problem being that as Alice wasn’t there, there weren’t any picnic supplies, so we had to forage some catnip and a few drops of dew from the trees. We were really tired and thirsty by this point, so we decided to head back.

Another successful adventure.

Hope to see you all soon


Alice Got Stuck in the Clematis

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Alice got stuck

Alice has warned me that if I blog about this she won’t be talking to me, but it is just so hilarious that I can’t resist! I’m not entirely sure how she managed it but I heard a pathetic little voice calling for help and when I went out onto the great Plain in front of the house (the humans call it a Lawn), there was Alice hanging in the Clematis that the humans have growing up their wall. She was very near the top of the garage, as it happened, and was swaying precariously.

I ran off to get a rescue team at once, but by the time I got back, one of the Humans had spotted Alice and disentangled her and put her back on the ground. She reckons that she overheard the humans saying the gutter was blocked and so she had decided to climb up the flowers to try and unblock it, being a naturally helpful Wiggly Pet. Unfortunately, there is a reason we like to do things in teams, and this sort of incident is one of them. Of course Alice reckons it’s all my fault because she’d asked me to come and help, and after waiting five hours for me had got cheesed off, bored, and then cheesed off again, and so went and tried to do it herself.

Silly Alice!

Oh well.

I think she would agree that it was a satisfactory adventure that she had (she’s just said that it was not, and if this goes live, I’m going to be in more trouble than I could shake a stick at. I think it may have been a mistake to just point out that we’re too small to pick up sticks).

Hope to see you all again soon


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