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I am pleased to announce that thanks to popular demand we have set up a Wiggly Pets Photo Gallery where you can purchase some of the photos from the last few months on the blog. This can be as postcards or t-shirts, infact there are a few different types of merchandise avaliable. I hope you like them.


The Big Surprise

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).


Well as those of you who have been following the blog will know us wiggly pets discovered a mysterious object that we believed to either be a denizen of another world or plane, or the craft of such beings. If you have not been keeping up you might like to read these posts before you go any furthur with this one:


The Expedition



We decided that communication had to be our first priority now as the fall it had sustained may well have injuried or damaged it. We dragged some big Light Shiners of the humans out to it (I believe the humans call them torches) and put coloured bits of acetate (Alice says look they are just sweet wrappers nothing special) over them so that we could shine coloured lights in sequences on it. For some reason Alice made us play various musical notes at the same time. (She’s muttering something about she saw it in a film and thought it looked like a good idea.)

All of this did not get one single response from the Entity so we tried to communicate with it by inverting the three dimensional representation of ourselves within this light cone (temporal, of course) but alas still nothing. We were just debating what to do next when one of the humans came over and asked us what we were doing with the Baby’s teether. It turns out that the strange mysterious object is nothing very alien at all, though its purpose is a highly strange one. It is not an alien or transdimensional being, oh no, it exists purely to be gummed and drooled upon by small humans to help them grow their teeth. I don’t really understand how this is suppposed to work, but apparently, it does.

This also meant that we had in fact been a bit cruel to the human’s wiggly woo, as it had been teething and we had stolen the one thing it had needed to help it through this difficult time, or so the human informed us (Alice would like to point out that I am infact parraphrasing and the human was very nice and understanding about the whole things really.)

Anyway we returned it to the human wiggly woo which proceeded to munch on it with great enthusiasm.

Still I think we can safely say that it was another successful adventure and hope to see you all again soon



This post is the third part of our encounter with a mysterious object.

The Alien Space Craft

Once we found that the alien had disappeared we begain to plan a search missing. Us Wiggly Pets being naturally caring creatures felt a huge amount of concern that the mysterious object had just vanished, after all maybe it was injuried. Maybe it was scared and lost and felt all alone. we couldnt have that could we so off we went in twos and threes in a systamatic search pattern. (alice would like to remind everyone that they failed to stick to the search algerhythem she had sorted out for them in fact she is quiet upset that everybody had left before she could hand out the coloured print outs she had made).

It wasn’t long before we had located the object and too our horror the humans Wigglywoo (they call them babies, which I still think is a stupid name!) had got hold of it. Fearing for its saftey we debated what we should do. Obviously we wanted to get it to safty but we couldnt transport it out of there for fear of toasting the wigglywoo but we needed to do somehting otherwise it would be gummed to a sticky end and having personally experienced being gummed and bitten by this particular wiggly woo, I couldnt let any other satient entity undergo such undesirable torture.

found it

I’m afriad I lost my head and charged towards the wiggly woo shouting and waving my arms when I saw it contemplating sucking the alien to an early and water grave. Of course this worked very well, the wiggly woo lost interest in the alien and droped it (alice would like it noted that this could have resulted in it being seriously injured and I was really lucky this wasnt the case, I think she is just being mean.) on the downb side however the wigglywoo thought that I would be far more fun to play with than the alien and so proceeded to scop me up and emidiatly shoved me in its mouth, again.

Alice seems to think that this was an obvious consequence of my actions but I cant see her line of logicial reasoning behind this.

Anyway whilst I was being flaialed about and being made to feel rather motion sick the other wiggly pets rolled the alien to saftey. After what seemed like a few millenia the baby got bored and dropped me onto the grass. All i can say to this is OUCH! Alice dragged me to saftey and I soon recover. She informs me that the human wiggly woo had hold of me for less than a minute, I’m afraid I do not believe her.

Anyway it was another adventure packed… erm… adventure and I hope to see you all next week for the conclussion of this Mega multipart adventure. Its all rather exciting isnt it? Alice would like it noted at this juncture that her answer to my retorical question is no, I think shes just being a big grumble bot!)


Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).


This post is a continuation of last week’s post and concerns the strange and mysterious possible alien entity we wiggly pets have found.

As we were so tired we had a quick supper of grass roots and wild strawberries all washed down with some lovely mint tea and then settled down for the night. Annoyingly one of the humans came and ripped our tent up earliy in the morning muttering something about tea towel thieves, not entirely sure what that was about.

Still having been aroused early we decided to go and attempt contact (Alice says that in fact that was everyone else and I was still trying to sleep wrapped in my sleeping bag. I would like to point out that I didnt really get a chance to do this as the human came back and demanded to have all of their Wigglywoo’s socks back.)

Anyway we trapsed through the Woodland of the Upper Lawn until we reached the Great Bog of the Dwarf Roses; this was actually quiet tricky to cross as the humans had just poured their special Rain onto the Bog with those great big green things they carry about. We slipped and slid and squelched our way through until finially we reached the top of the Flat Stone. There it sat, strange and alien and we stood in awe of it, it was about 1 and a half wiggly pets tall with strange sticky out blobble bits all over the surface. (Alice says that “bulbous protrusion” would be a better phrase and is now scowling as the lads are all nudging each other and sniggering!)

We stood thunderstruck as its magestic brilliance bathed in the strange orange glow that eminated from it, Alice recons this was just the sun shining through it but I think it was an etherial light denoting a keen and vast intelligance. Overawed, we began to try and communicate with it. Now obviously we were unsure of whether it was an alien/transdimensional being or, say, a space ship or some such so we thought we’d start with the basics. (Alice thinks I should mention at this juncture that I had the bright I idea or saying, ‘erm hello Mr Transdimensional being would you like a biscuit.’ I think she’s laughing at me but I think personally it was a very good first contact. She points out that it didnt work though, did it?).

Anyway we held up the Mathematic Algorithm Pasonifer and begain bombarding it with Fourier transforms which I thought was a bit unfair, after all I doubt it would have traveled across time and space and several other dimensions just to be given maths homework by a bunch of small garishly coloured creatures, doesn’t seem very fair to me or that friendly; I wouldn’t like to be given homework like that. (Alice appears to be rolling her eyes at me and muttering under her breath about universal languages or something, I’m not entirely sure what she’s going on about.)

Anyway we spent several hours doing this and it got just as much attention as my offered buscuit – to wit squadly dit, nothing, nada, it just sat there looking not so much impressive anymore and more, well, sort of boringly impassive.

We decided to go for lunch – a very tasty combo of cheese, comfry fritters and lemon rose cordial. After a hard earned rest we returned to the mystery object only to find that it had mysteriously vanished!

I am again running out of time so I’ll continue this next week if thats ok peeps?

It was a very exciting adventure.

Hope to see you again soon


The Expedition

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).


Well as you might rember from my last post we were all being intreged by the mystery object that had appeared on the Flate Stone by the Mountian Steps. We suspected it was either an alien or perhaps the craft or ship of smaller creatures.

I was part of the team that was sent to investigate and I prepared for the adventure. Being naturally helpful creatures us Wiggly Pets were mainly concerned that it might be injured or its cargo trapped or some such. First off, to get to the the flat stone we have to cross the Gravel River which is a strange desolate place with boulders the size of strawberries and has roaring monsters prowling around. The humans apparently call the Gravel River “The Driveway”.

It was very dusty and the sun beat down on us mercilessly (Alice thinks it should be noted that all I did at this point was to moan about whether we could stop yet for a drink, I think she’s just being narky with me.) Eventually we got to the other side where we all slumped in exhaustion (Alice is being really unfair now and reckons I was the only one who slumped with exhaustion). Once there we had the enormous task of scaling the Stone steps, a mountainous range of breath taking beauty and magnitude. So out came our paper clips and wool and we set about a little mountaineering expedition. My piece of wool appeared to have rubbed against the stones too much and began to fray, I panicked as I felt each judder of the rope as the strands broke one by one. Finally it snapped, leaving me clinging to nothing but sheer rock.

(Alice reckons I was only 3 mm from the ground and should have checked my equipment before I left, I personally thought | was being rather brave.)

Still someone had a spare set of climbing ropes (Alice says no she had them because she knew she couldn’t trust me; I don’t know what she means, I think she is being very cantankerous today, she says she’s not, I think it might have been a mistake to point out she had a huge spot on the end of her nose.)


We finally scaled the mountains by which point it was really getting a bit late in the day to attempt communications so we pitched the tent, a lovely red and white check jobby, huge loads of room for every body.

I think this post is getting to long and I’m running out of time so you’ll have to wait until next week.

Hope to see you soon


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