Training the Kitten

Kitten training going well

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Alice training the Kitten

Well Alice has now been training her kitten for about a week and so far it hasn’t pounced or bitten anyone! Everyone is very fond of it too we have called it Blue becuase apparently the humans call people with red hair blue for some reason; I’m not entirely sure Alice heared that conversation correctly, but never mind! (She says she did and its because one of the humans comes from a country called Australia and thats what they do over there so I should shut up about things I dont know, I am actually quite hurt by this.)

Anyway we’ve been trying to get it to eat proper food and none of this mice business; this seems to be going very well – the strawberries we put in its bowl didn’t even go furry this last time before they disappeared! The kitten does appear to be a shy creature though, as it never eats or moves in front of us.

Alice and some of the guys gave it a bath the other day and shampooed its fur as it has some stains on it and didnt appeared to be cleaning itself at all! We’re thinking it may have been separated from its mother too soon as so didnt learn some of the basics like cleaning itself. Anyway it was actually quite funny becuase they dried it with a hair dryer and it went really fluffy!

Unfortunately they’d forgotten to use any conditioner so it took ten of us an age to comb the fur all flat again!

For some reason one of the humans seems to be cross with us over the kitten – we think it’s because they’re worried it will take over the existing cats’ territories or something and the other human seems to just chuckle the whole time it’s around us – not really sure whats going on there to be honest.

Still hope to see you all next week



Alice Found a Kitten!

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Alice's Kitten

The humans who own the house we live in in Gloucestershire happen to have lots of cats which, for the most part, we get on with, wiggly pets being naturally freindly little creatures but some times we have a small problem with cat wiggly woos which are called kittens. These creatures are the sweetest looking bundles of fluff there is and happen to only be about ten wiggly pets in size but they are very – how shall I put this? POUNCY!

They are always catching us and batting us about and their teeth and claws are sharp! But they after all only babies and we realise they don’t mean any harm (Alice would like to point out that actually they do as they are training to be vicious hunters, something she’s hoping to train her one out of!).

Anyway Alice came in all excited becuase she could see a little ginger and white tail dangling over the edge of the dining room table, we thought that the kitten might be stranded up there – it may have been left there by an errant human or climbed up and not been able to climb down again so we set out to investigate.

So we quickly donned our climbing equipment and scaled the table and sure enough there was a little ginger and white kitten laying on the table, all cute and fluffy. To our immense supprise it did not instantly pounce us so Alice gingerly went over to it to see if it was ok.

It just sat there looking at us a bit soppy and vacant – Alice begain to get quite concerned as it did not respond to her polite enquiry as to whether it was OK, but a passing human assured us that it was fine and that there was nothing wronge with it. Alice then asked the human whose kitten it was and the human said it was theirs, but if she wanted she could have it as a sofa (We’re not sure what the human meant by ‘sofa’ but it seemed to think we’d take it home with us) Alice by this point had fallen head over heels in love with the little ball of fluff and so agreed to adopt it!

We’ll let you all know how the training goes!


Let There Be Light

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Alice keeping the human wiggly woo company Us being shaken by the Human Wiggly Woo!

Me and Alice came back from a nice day out to find that the humans had left their Wiggly Woo sitting in the half-dark twilight. The poor little thing can’t have been able to see very much so wiggly pets being naturally helpful creatures we decided that we would switch the light on for it. I’m sorry I still can not get over the fact that humans call their wiggly woos babies!

Anyway me and Alice fortunately had our paper clips and wool on us (Alice says, no, it’s a good job she had them on her as I’d just left my climbing equipement sitting on the ground and she picked it up in case it rained as that would have ruined it and it would have served me right).

Anyway we scaled the table that was up against the wall; I even got to tie and use a prusik loop to make the scaling easier! (Alice wants it noted that she infact had to take it off of me and retie it to make it safe – I think shes just a worry wort!)

Anyway we then had to dodge a kitten (a cat wiggly woo) which had climbed all the way up the curtain and pounced on us from the top of the window. However this did give us an idea of how we were actually going to get to the lightswitch, so we climbed up the curtains which is exhausting work for our little arms. Then we jumped up and down on the switch and finally got it to click but there was no light!

It turns out that the human’s RCD had tripped or something which ment that all their electricity had gone (Alice is rolling her eyes at me and muttering about residual currents; I’m not sure why). We decided that the wiggly woo might get scared sitting their in the dark so we decided to go and cheer it up.

Unfortunately Alice got pounced by one kitten en-route and I got pounced by another whilst trying to prize the first one’s teeth apart. Fortunately the humans fixed the lights and rescued us for which we are most grateful.

Still, it was another sucessful adventure!

Hope to see you all again soon


The Mysterious Flying Lake

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

The Lake in the Sky

Alice had heared some rumours from some of the guys that there was a mysterious flying lake up just outside the gate of where the horses live. Now Alice was wondering if it was one of the fabled hanging gardens of Babylon and kept on and on at me until I agreed to go on an exploration of the site with her.

So we packed up all the supplies we could possibly need and then discovered that being only a few cm high can have its disadvantages – ie we couldnt get the 60 litre rucksacks onto our backs so we had to reassess what we were going to take with us! (Alice would like to point out that this is one of the reasons that she dreads me doing the packing and would just like you all to know that I packed an inflatable dinosuar… well, it might have been useful.)

In the end we set off with just the tent (we had to sneak this back out of the humans cupboard they think its a flannel or something I think they wash themselves with it – strange creatures) our wool and paper clips incase we needed to do any proper climbing, some sizable cake crumbs and some strawberry cordial.

We set off – unfortunatly we had to wade our way along the gravel river which is vile and dusty and at one point to our horror one of those large smelly things that make the ground rumble grumbled passed us barely missing Alice, and sending dust and pebbles everywhere. I was choking so much I barely felt the pebble that knocked me off my feet and chipped my left arm! Still we dusted ourselves off and carried on.

We had to dodge around large bevelled cylinders of earth that the humans have scattered all over the place in this part of the Garden. The seem to be sort of elevated fields or something, they grow one or two plants in each pot, or at least that’s what we think is going on – you never can tell with humans, to be honest.

Finally we stood at the base of a vast white column that reached up up into the clouds! (Alice would just like it noted for factual accuracy that it didn’t even reach the cloud line, and was in fact not even two metres high, in fact it was bearly over one – I think Alice has completely missed the point of artistic liscense and what makes for majestic discription!)

We climbed up the column, which was very very tiring, and I was hoping that the lake was nice and cool for a nice long swim but when we got there we found that the water was a disturbing colour and there were about three types of algea living in it. Still the view was fantastic!

Ted admiring the view

We are in fact still arguing over wheather it is one of the hanging gardens of Babylon (Alice says no we are not, I just wont listen to the fact that it is not hanging and so therefore cannot be).

Hope to see you all soon


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