Camera broken

I am very despondent; the camera which I use to take all the pictures of our fantastic adventures has been dropped in all the flood confusion so that I didn’t really get to take any pictures of us in London. (Alice says I should stop whinging as the humans aren’t back in their house yet and had to do without water and electricity and got sick as they didn’t know their water was contaminated – I don’t think she understands, they will get better, the camera won’t – she just hit me :( ).

Still, it has given me a chance to go through all the photos I took ages ago (Alice thinks I’m being big headed and wants me to point out that she took half of them and the humans took a lot of the others for us – I say Alice doesn’t understand the Art of Narrative).

I will get the pictures to you all shortly :)



The Wiggly Pet community in Gloucestershire have been flooded out this summer and so there has been some disruption to blogging and other general wiggly pet activities. The humans and their wiggly woo (baby) have been evacuated to London and hope to be back soon.

The wiggly pets shall continue blogging though this may not make it on line until the humans sort themselves out – in fact this post may not even go live for a while. Alice informs me.

The Wiggly pets hope that everybody out there is safe and sound.

We here it is being called the Great Gloucestershire Flood of 2007 and that there is even a book about it!

Things may seem erratic with the blog as we have spent the last few months trying to just stay afloat! But hopefully all will soon be well.


Rescuing Blue

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Hugging Blue upon the Kittens return

Poor Blue (Alice’s kitten who the humans reckon is a toy and gave to their baby); in the end it took us over three days to track down the little bundle of fluff. It would appear that the baby gave it a severe gumming and then just left him discarded on the floor where Minnie, the black cat who is very jealous of any other kittens or cats, dragged him over to the fire place and hid him in a nook under the fire – fortunately, the fire wasn’t lit…

We think that blue was so traumatised by all of this that he just sat there in all the soot getting blacker and blacker. When we finally found him, thanks to one of the black and white kittens that live in the human’s house, he wasn’t even responding to all the little squeaky noises that Alice makes at cats and wiggly woos. In the end me, Zack and Jeff had to climb down into the dust and soot under the fire which was knee deep (Alice wants to state once again that this is wrong as we do not have knees; I’m not even going to respond this time.)

We waded our way through to Blue whose white patches really did look blue with all the grime in the poor little thing’s fur (Alice also wants me to stop calling Blue little as he is several wiggly pets long but I think the phrase gets over his youngness and vulnerability). We tied wool around his body in a nice harness type thing even though this did mean Zack had to use the poker to lever the kitten up so that we could pass the wool underneath him. Once that was done we climbed back out and proceeded to hoist the kitten out of the hole, which was very hard work I can tell you! (Alice says how would I know as I was only ‘supervising’ the whole operation; I’ve been trying to explain to her that organising that sort of organisation is incredibly difficult. She’s tutting at me!)

Anyway, just as we finished tugging the kitten out onto the carpet one of the humans appeared and took him off of us saying that she’d put him through the washing machine. Alice was quiet concerned at this news but the human said she’d give us blue back in perfect condition. Even so Alice went and sat up on the washing machine door and watched a forlorn looking blue going around and around looking very soggy. She said the machine vibrated so much that it was hard for her to hold on and it made her arms go numb but she has to admit that after he’d been dried Blue did look much better.

All in all it was another successful adventure – hope to see you again soon


Panic: Missing Kitten!

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Blue and Alice

Alice is beside herself with worry and we have all been out searching the house and grounds for Blue, Alice’s ginger and white kitten as seen in the photo. We think that perhaps the humans’ baby (wiggly woo) has got hold of it and we are concerned for its safety as though the wiggly woo wouldn’t mean to hurt it, it is a bit heavey handed and gummy!


Ammendent: turns out that Blue was with the humans’ wiggly woo and the humans informed us that Blue is a toy apparently and not a kitten. Alice refuses to believe this and is hoping to mount a rescue expedition tomorrow. The humans maintain that it was them who took Blue’s food away because it had gone mouldy. I don’t know what to believe myself and think that even if Blue is a toy it still has feelings and personality and therefore deserves to be rescued from a fate of endless gumming and milky drool!

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