Fox Gloves

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Ted collecting Fox Mittens

Alice is sad, she had spent ages making herself a lovely winter coat out of poppy petals, it was floor length, bright red with a navy fadded hood (I have no idea what one of them is but Alice seemed to think it was important). She wore it perhapse twice and left it hanging on the humans coat rack. One of the humans came storming over to me moaning about us putting mouldy things on the coat rack – I didn’t know what they were talking about but then later Alice noticed her coat was missing.

It turns out petals don’t keep well in this world and that they had to throw Alice’s coat away as it had gone mouldy and they were worried it would stain their coats. They said petals are not for making cloths with but they have said they will give her some material to make a coat with though which is good news.

We think they might be lieing any way as we spoke to a fox who was looking for some mittens for her cubs. Mrs Vixen has two cubs and enlisted our help. We went and asked the humans were we could find some fox mittens and they said they didn’t know but that we could find plenty of fox gloves in the garden.

Me and Alice talked about it and decided that mittens are a sort of sub-catagory of gloves so fox gloves would probably be fine. Anyway we searched high and low in the garden for fox gloves and in the end had to ask and do you know what? They turn out to be a type of flower!

So Alice climbed up and sorted out some nice pairs for Mrs Vixen.

They were all pink which upset one of the cubs though we’re not quiet sure why. Mrs vixen was very please and said that truly wiggly pets are helpful creatures – though she did try to get us to say were the ducks nest was (Alice would like it pointed out that I almost told them and it was only that she kicked me in the shin that I didn’t – I would like to point out we don’t have shins or feet to kick with for that matter – she says shut up).

One of the humans has told us that fox gloves comes in different colours so we want to track down some different ones for the sad cub.

See you all next week Ted and Alice

Red Rose

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

A Rose for Alice

Alice is in a hump with me due to the post I did last week so I thought I’d go and get her a red rose to cheer her up. The humans have a load of these flowers trailing up the the side of the house. I naturally assumed that they wouldn’t miss one of them but have since been told off yet again for picking the flowers.

Anyway I had to go to Bench country again to get the rose and it was lots of hard work especially as Alice had hidden (she’ll say put away) my climbing equipment but still I managed to get a rose. The only problem I then had was that the rose is about three times my height and top heavy to say the least.

I had to drag it across the gravel river (what the humans call The Drive Way) and it doesn’t look as nice as it did but I think Alice will still like it especially when I tell of the daring escape I had from one of the black and white kittens (cat wiggly woos).

See you all next week


Amendment: Alice managed to prick herself on a thorn and thought I was playing a trick on her so she hit me with the rose until all the petals had fallen off. But then I got to explain and we made rose petal jam with the debris which was fun.

Alice’s New Coat

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Alice has decided that she needs a new coat just in case the weather turns really rough. It of course has to be red and she had her heart set upon a particular shade of red (she says just because I have no sense of style doesn’t mean she has to look like a raggamuffin – she just said she’s not talking to me and just for pointing out wigglypets don’t tend to wear clothes).

Anyway she decided that the large red poppies in the garden would do nicely – they even have a dark blue-y purple center that she thinks will make a nice collar. So we packed up our rucks sacks with rosemary cordial and honey cheese cake crumbs and set off.

Alice scaling the Poppy Tree

The poppy plants themselves are very tall and we had a small argument over whether they counted as trees or not (Alice would like me to point out that my silliness resulted the cordial being spilt all over her, I think this is irrelevant as the ants came and cleaned her up anyway – she says that’s not the point).

Anyway, after lunch Alice climbed up one of the plants and retrieved a couple of choice petals – unfortunately they were the same size as her and she over-balanced (Alice says if I continue she won’t be talking to me again – she’s always mucking about like this). As she fell out of the flower the petals drifted gracefully to the ground (she says she’s warning me); she, on the other hand, went thump, boing, and got wedged in one of the branches of the poppy tree (THEY ARE NOT TREES, she says).

In the end we had to go and get a human to rescue her. And then it turned out that we had ruined a perfect display and the human was sad but said we were welcome to all the petals on the ground.

Alice Wedged in the Poppy Tree

Humans can be so strange some times. Mind you, the humans’ wiggly woo (they call them babies! Silly creatures) is always in trouble for picking flowers so I guess we’re in good company – Alice? Alice? Where has she gone now?

Oh well, see you all next week


The Sun Trees of Bench Country

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known). The Flame Trees of Bench Country

Alice had heard from the kittens (cat wiggly woos) that there were strange and mysterious Sun Trees that grew with red fire in their bellies and golden sun light at their edges.  These fabled trees are supposed to come from the seeds carried by the phoenix on its migratory routes from Iceland to Yellow Stone Park.

Alice wasn’t sure weather this planet or even this set of dimensions actually has phoenixes (Alice says that she is sure that is not the correct pluralisation of phoenix and is now arguing with one of the humans about phoeni – I am trying not to roll my eyes – she says she can see what I’m typing).  We decided that the trees would be nice to go and see anyway regardless of whether the fires birds exist or not.  We had also heard a lot about bench country and felt it would be a good place to have an expedition too.

So we packed up our supplies (Alice says, no, she packed up our supplies) and we headed out.  Now Bench Country is quite far away and we had to navigate the gravel river that dusty desolate place with the roaring monsters otherwise known as  The Drive Way.  We had to go down the gravel river and into the Great Gavel Sea (the humans apparently call this the Turning Circle or Fore Court) and there at the edge of the Gravel Sea is Bench Country.

The Bench itself soars into the sky with majestic wonder (Alice says, no, it doesn’t, and we’ve scaled far higher things – again I feel she has a complete lack of poetic understanding).  Next to the Bench stands the Sun trees.  We sat in their shade and had a lovely lunch of pickled artichoke hearts and ryebread all washed down with some rose petal wine.

Of course then Alice decided we would dehydrate and we had to drink some water she had bought with her as well which didn’t taste anywhere near as good as the rose petal wine.  The trees were a tangle and the forest too deep for us to attempt on our own for fear of the beasts that may lurk within – one of the humans reckons a large toad lives in there and he is apt to try and gobble up little wiggly pets.

The tops of the trees were like blazing suns in such vibrant colours (Alice is rolling her eyes again and saying they were yellow and red in a fetching concentric pattern that she is now trying to replicate with a simulation, she thinks its might be a Penrose tiling and therefore easily identifiable – I actually have no idea what she is talking about but never mind).

The Sun Trees were another exciting adventure – this world holds so many things for us to explore.  It’s really very exciting.

Hope to see you all next week

Ted and Alice.

Teenager Ducks

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Ducks running away

Way back when one of the humans was heavy with its young she befriended a couple of ducks – us wiggly pets noticed that one of the ducks appeared to be heavy with young and waddling too!

Now we were all very excited about the appearance of the human’s wiggly woo – they only have one at a time can you believe it and they call it a baby! I now I keep mentioning this but I just find it so silly.

Anyway the human fed the ducks and cooed over them almost as much as Alice (she says at least she wasn’t threatening them with oranges and plums and shouting “sauce sauce”! I’ve tried to explain that I didn’t realise the origin of the human custom and would never have done it if I’d known – she is now rolling her eyes, which I think is most unfair).

The ducks made a nest behind the human’s house and we all watched them with interest. Unfortunatley the magpies got the eggs and everybody was sad; the human even cried – apparently they get like that when heavy with young. The ducks stayed however and soon were having a second brood. We Wiggly Pets, being naturally helpful creatures, decided that we would help scare the crows and magpies away from the new eggs and the humans helped.

Six little ducklings hatched and Alice got rather involved in looking after them (she says I’m not to mention the teaching them how to swim incident – so I won’t mention how she ended up at the bottom of the stream being nibbled by trout!). They swam around and only went down the waterfall a couple of time but they were all ok, much to everybody’s relief.

One day when the human’s wiggly woo was very small we were all having toast and crumpets by the fire when there was an awful sound; we thought Tim (one of the cats) had been cornered by a fox or something like that.

There was thumping and crashing from the where the humans keep their wood and coal in the gully in front of the house. We all rushed out side, the human first; she shone a torch down the dark gully and there was a squabble of birds!

Suddenly the mummy duck came crashing through and flew at the human making a lot of noise. We realised that she was trying to lurer the ‘predator’ away from the ducklings, having ascertained there was no danger to them we grabbed the camera for the human who took photographs of the ducklings as they came out of the gully and up the steps. (Alice is trying to interrupt but as she wacked me on the head earlier for mentioning trout I’m not listerning to her).

Ducks running up the steps

It was only when they did this that we realised they weren’t really ducklings anymore, but nor were they fully grown ducks and as one of them fell over on the cattle grid; we realised that we had teenager ducks and Alice almost cried at the fact they are all grown up.

Ducks stumbling on the cattle grid

Helping bringing up the ducklings was a very special adventure! Hope to see you all again next week.


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