A Jungle Adventure

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Ted and Alice in the Rock Rose

We decided that it was a nice day to go exploring, so we trundled down to the edge of the jungle. I believe that the humans call it the “rock garden”. First of all, we had to scale a metre-high stone outcrop known as a “wall”. This was very hard work, especially for our little arms. Once at the top, we stopped to rest on some lovely soft knee-high moss. (Alice would just like to point out right now that it can not have possible have been knee-high as we don’t have any knees – I would like to point out that it is a figure of speech and that I don’t want to go exploring with her anymore – she says I’m being childish!)

ANYWAY, we rested on the nice soft moss and boy, were we exhausted! We got a passing human to take this photo of us as Alice had stupidly forgotten the camera (Alice says she would like me to note that I was the one supposed to be doing the packing and therefore any items left behind because she had to save the day by packing in five minutes are entirely my fault – I personally would like it noted that I think this is extremely unfair).

It was lovely and sunny and we thought we’d have a picnic before we moved on, which was nice. We had cheese sandwiches and raspberry cordial and some rather nice mint that we found growing around and about. That lot munched, we decided that it was too near to midday to go traipsing around a jungle and decided it would be better to have a little after-lunch snooze so that our food digested properly.

Of course Alice forgot to set the alarm clock (she says she would like it noted that she would never even pack the alarm clock because it’s about ten times bigger then we are and that would just be stupid – I think she takes far too much notice of physical laws personally). So by the time we awoke it was early evening and far too late to head off into the scary jungle. I mean there could be anything in there! Slugs, bees, cats or maybe even (and this is the scariest bit) a pheasant!

So we gathered up some more mint to give to the guys back home and clambered back down the rock face.

All in all I feel it was a successful, if slightly side tracked, adventure.

Hope to see you all again soon


Mistaken Identity

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

The Monster looked harmless

The humans Wiggly Woo (they call it a baby) was sitting in its chair thing at the table when me and Alice decided to go for a stroll over the flat pebbles. Unfortunatly as has happened before the Human Wiggly Woo mistook me for a banana and tried to eat me. How it always does this is a mystery to me as bananas are yellow and I’m bright blue – we are starting to wonder if it is colour blind – an affliction we hear humans can suffer from.

Alice felt this was most remiss of me as the baby might hurt itself on us or swollow our eyes or something like that. She says that’s why the humans only allow us to be adopted by children over 5 yrs old.

But the baby is fine and I’m not! I once again have teeth marks in me. Alice seems to think this is my own fault for getting too close to it. She also blames me for the fact that whilst tyring to rescue me from baby she was caught in its little pudgy fist and also given a server gumming.

And then it struck!

I don’t think we are going to get rid of the smell of milky banana for a long while (Alice says I could just try actually washing – I am hurt by this statement).

Ted and Alice

A Romantic Walk

Me and Alice discovered that humans do this strange thing on the 14th of Feburary every year. They celebrate Valentines day, which appears to be something to do with a dead guy in a prision but we’re not sure.

For some reason to celebrate this they all group together in their coupling pairs and do Romatic things. We hear they do lots of walking and giving cards to each other, sitting down for costly meals and give each other roses and chocolates.

Looking at the word Romantic me and Alice assume that it means you have to go for a walk probably to not get fat from all of the chocolate and to perform antics such as hand stands and the like. Rome – Antics either that or it has something to do with Italy or a river in Essex, not sure which.

Wiggly Pets are keen to understand the human world so that they can help out better, being naturally helpfull creatures, so we decided to take a Romantic walk together. Alice siad that she didn’t want another rose after the travisty I brought home last time which I think was a tad unfair as I had to traverse the Gravel river and get all the way to the Great Gravel sea and back again to get her that bloom (she would like it pointed out that I only did this becuase I had upset her and needed to do something to say sorry).

We decided the humans still had enough chocolate left over form christmas that we could just take some of that rather than finding anything special, so we packed some gold coins and a piece of spagetti and a thimble with a wax seal full of soup and set off.

We got one of the humans to carry us over the gravel river and they even took us across the Great Gravel Sea to the Bed of Bird Tables. Here there were lovely moss lawns for us to stroll over in the sun shine. This appears to be a whole new continent that we will have to explore at some future point.

We sat by a clump of tufty trees with interesting blue canapies and eat our three course meals. One of the humans asked us were we had got the chocolate coin and we explaned we got it out of the cupboard in the kitchen – they seemed a bit miffed and started going on about taking candy from babies (their word for wiggly woos) not really sure what was going on there – humans can be so strange.

They seemed to cheer up when we explained it was a Valentines meal – they pointed out we were a bit early but that there are always stupid rushes to do valentines day stuff on the 14 th so we had probably got it right. They said it was sweet that we used the foil off of the coins for our plates and cups – we agreed and showed them the bowls we had fashioned too.

The evening begain to draw in and they took us back to the house and gave us little hearts that are just the right size for use to hold – they had made these apparently and said we could give them too each other instead of cards.

It was a nice day and Alice only moaned about me three times, in the end we didn’t get anytime for the antics part of the walk which was abit of a relief as I didn’t facy doing cartwheels on a full stomache.

It was an interesting adventure.

Ted and Alice

Butterfly Watching

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Alice watching butterflies

Alice wanted me to blog about her highly successful butterfly watching project though she is sad that I took a blury photo of her at her observation point. In my defense I think it shows how thoughtful she is and how serene and beautiful her surroundings are.

Anyway Alice felt that the butterflies needed some close observation and has been taking simply hundreds of photographs of them. I think she is going to be making some album out of them or something – we will have to wait and see.

She says watching the butterflies is so calming that she can almost forget how silly I am! I think shes joking.

Alice has been finding out all sorts of things about butterflies too which I should think we are all going to be subjected too (I’m joking Alice!).

Well that’s it until next week – not very interesting but never mind! (Alice says yes it perishing well is interesting)

Alice via Ted

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