Ballet Hurts

Ballet Hurts

Now it looks like the foul and despicable creatures known as The Snobberlinks have gone and “borrowed” the human’s wiggly woo’s ballet shoes. Human’s like to send their off spring, which they call children or babies or kids depending on weather it is half goat or not (we think), to various clubs and sporting activities. Apparently you can only do this if you have money as the equipment can be rather expensive as well as the actual lessons. Us wiggly pets still are not entirely sure what money is and to be honest I’m not sure the humans really know.

Anyway I think the snobberlinks may have some very upset humans on their case if they damage the ballet shoes as I hear that they are expensive too.

Asking For Directions

Asking Directions

The stupidity of our fellow aliens is startling – us wiggly pets are quiet frankly ashamed of the Intergalatic Community. I can only hope that the human somehow got the situation wrong or misunderstood – they are prone to getting things a little confuse, I mean look at global warming!

Arms Embargo

Arms Embargo

Again a warning from the Wiggly Pet Community – here is another of the human’s sketches of the dreaded snobberlinks!

The Baby Bunny

Baby bunny saying hi to a Wiggly Pet

Last week Sethina was in the garden when the feline over lords known as the kittens came out of now where and knocked him over. The black and white terrors dashed pasted him (erm her – well she was originally Seth but as we wiggly pets don’t really do the gender things he/she became board and decided to become a girl instead but we couldn’t persuade her to change her name as she liked Seth for some reason.). It soon became obvious that they had cornered a poor little baby bunny and were batting at it – of course she didn’t hesitate and rushed in which resulted in him being batted about like a ping pong ball but it did somewhat distract the cats.

Once the cats got board Sethina went to see if the little thing was ok, it was hurt and scared so he went and got a human to come and look. I think we must have gotten the female known as Mummy, who scooped it up and checked it over and fussed alot. She put it in a large cage and shooed us all away saying that what was most likely to kill it was shock from all the loud people and handling but that it did seem to only have scratches.

Also apparently it’s Bunny parents might not take it back now as it smelt of cat and human (and too be honest who could blame them! I mean have you smelt humans and cats! One smells of damp carpet on a good day and the other smell of the Swamp Flatulence Globs of the ALpha Centuri complex.

Baby Bunny

The bunny’s scratches healed up over the next few days and the humans took great lengths to build it a run in the garden so it would have grass and things – they plan to set it free once it’s bigger but it seems to really like it here. It told me that it felt safe with all of us around though it does miss it’s Mummy nuzzles but the cats can’t get it and neither can the naughty vixen who comes down the field every night.

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