Birthday Time!!!

One year today! One year today!

Wiggly Pets have been around since at least the year 2000 though we’ve kind of been around since the 1990’s. We’re not very good with your human temporality and add in time travel and it all gets a bit loopy!

Anyway to celebrate we have put this PDF together for free down load for the next week :)

Also our humans think we should point out that there are Wiggly Pet adoption schemes at Gloucestershire craft fayres on a regular basis!

We Are Almost 1 yr Old!

Posted by Bob Chief Wiggly Nu.

The Wiggly Pet blog is heading towards it’s first year anniversary and as you can imagine all the wiggly pets are very excited about this!

We’ve been looking back through the archive and have decided to put some of the stories together in a little PDF for down load for you all :)

Also a big thankyou to our human Sarah Snell-Pym who helps us maintain the blog and sometimes has to rescue us from cats or children (human wiggly woos).



I find myself wondering how these little creatures crossed the vastness of interstella space – Alice keeps coughing and muttering well you made it here didn’t you? I think she is very cruel.

Cheer Up!

Cheer Up

You know the more of these snobberlink sketches we find, the more I feel a kind of grudging sorry-ness for the little round one.

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