The Pink Daisy Trees of the Rock Garden

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump (or Ted if you prefer).

Pink Daisys

I am very intrigued by the rare and beautiful so when some of the guys came back last week saying that there were some very rare and exotic Pink Daisy trees over by the Rain Forest (the humans call this the Other Rock Garden or something, I’m not entirely sure. I think it might also be called the Flower Bed). I tried to get Alice to come with me but she says a) she’s “never coming exploring with me again, remember?” b) she’s not listening to any more of my bright ideas, especially where Daisy Trees are concerned, and c) she’s not talking to me because of last week’s post. I think that it was probably a mistake to point out at then that she was actually talking to me, telling me she wasn’t talking to me – I don’t think it went down very well.

Anyway, I decided that I would go anyway and my friend Bazz said he’d come along too – the only problem being that he was camera shy and so stayed behind the camera taking all the photos.

Now to get to the Rain Forest/Rock Garden you have to traverse the Great Gravel River (the humans call it the driveway and sometimes roaring monsters rush across it, so we are careful to keep the wiggly woos well away from it). It is hard work getting across it with boulders the size of strawberries, and it is so dusty you really work up a thirst. Once on the other side, we had to climb a ragged cliff (the humans call it a wall) and there they were: the Pink Daisy Trees of the Rock Garden. And oh my, were they beautiful! I momentarily forgot it was Bazz with me and not Alice and so kissed him soundly in celebration – he wasn’t very happy about this.

Still, I apologised and explained, though he said if I said he was a girl again, I would be in more trouble than I had been in, that morning with Alice. We settled down for a bit of a rest and a picnic; the only problem being that as Alice wasn’t there, there weren’t any picnic supplies, so we had to forage some catnip and a few drops of dew from the trees. We were really tired and thirsty by this point, so we decided to head back.

Another successful adventure.

Hope to see you all soon



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    Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life….

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