Panda Mayhem!

Interesting things have been afoot here at Wiggly Pet HQ! It was the wiggly woos birthday (the humans call wiggly woos babies and this one was 2 yrs old), the house was full of lots of ‘children’ who made so much noise a wiggly pet could not hear himself thinking.

So I went out into the garden as there was lovely sunshine even though it is the middle of winter!

And that was when I saw it – a giant black and white animal – as big as a human!

Panda heading towards Jean

It was heading straight over to Jean (the older Wiggly Woo), it was making little purring noises and amazingly Jean didn’t even stop drinking her drink.

Jean and the Giant Panda

Then however it turned around and stormed up the garden straight at one of the humans adults! It was making the strangest barking noise.

Giant Panda attacks Alaric

It reared right up at the human and I thought, ‘eek! That’s it the poor thing is done for!’ Humans are not well equipped with natural weapons and this creature looked savage!

But the human (I think it was the one known as ‘Daddy’ I find it so hard to tell them apart – especially the adults), just started to laugh! Yes that’s right laugh. He seemed to think it was really funny – I could see nothing funny about the situation at all.

But I think the human must have known how to deal with the creature as it seemed to subside and just sort of snugged down. Jean then fed it some invisible sugar cain – I haven’t been able to discover where she got it from yet but me and Alice will be going on an explore to find the plantation soonly.

Whilst it was eating I found out it is a special breed called a Charlee Panda. I think the extra human who came to stay for the party much have bought it as her name was Charlee too. Coincidence? I think not!

Once it had finished eating it scooped the baby up and grabbed Jean and us wiggly pets were about to storm the thing and make sure it didn’t eat the wiggly woos.

Panda and babes

But it turned out to only want a hug!

Panda Charlee and the girls

So it was all ok in the end and it seemed really friendly.

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