The Search for the Invisible Sugar Cain

Here at Wiggly Pet HQ we have been invaded by some lovely Charlee Pandas – they seem to be everywhere!

Anyway me and Alice had observed that the larger Wiggly Woo Jean seemed to always have some invisible sugar cain on her for them. So we decided to hide in her pockets to see where she was getting it from.

But it didn’t work :(

All that happened is that we got shocken about something awful – Alice even threw up. ( :( she just hit me and said so did I and then got grumpy when I said I hadn’t included that bit as it made me seem a bit lame – not sure what I’ve done wrong.)

Then we ended up sitting on a thing called a ‘desk’ at a scary loud place full of children called a ‘school’. Apparently this is where the older Wiggly Woos go – Alice said we already knew that wiggly woos (humans call them children) went to school, but I didn’t.

Anyway we ended up there all week and human kids have huge lung capacities and they never ever ever SHUT UP!

(Alice says I am the grump and that they were lovely too us, making us ‘pretend food’ out of plasticine – even if little Joey did get confused and accidently feed us his boggy.)

Thankfully Jean remembered to bring us home on Friday. I have spent the weekend trying to recover – Alice is moaning saying ‘yeah and I haven’t wash the boggy off of me’ I don’t know what she is talking about :/

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