Baby Panda!

We hadn’t seen the Charlee Pandas for a while and started to worry that it had starved to death because we had failed to find the invisible sugar cain that Jean (the eldest human wiggly woo – known as a kid or child) feeds them.

Then this baby panda appeared

Jeany bean the panda

It kept meowing and we thought it must be looking for it’s Mummy so we decided to try and help it.

Little tail and little feet

But it seemed really scared and just ran away from us. It was so cute with it’s little tail bobbing that we couldn’t help but say Ah!

Panda cuases devistation in Snell-Pym garden

It then stared recking the humans garden, moving all the furniture and stuff. We were quiet concerned that the humans would be annoyed so we rushed up to it but instead of being scared it just stared at us with big eyes.

Panda! Panda Cool

So we explained about the humans and how they shout at their own Wiggly Woos when they move the garden furniture about. But it didn’t seem to understand it just giggled and then… then it was a cheeky naughty panda and blew a raspberry at us (or at least that’s what Alice says it is called – what it actually did involved no fruit what so ever – it stuck it’s tongue out and made a loud and rather moist sound at us!).

Cheeky panda!

Alice got very indignant about this and went off in a huff but the baby panda got sad :(

Panda Jean

And we decided that it was only a baby after all and probably didn’t understand that it was being rude so we helped it get a nice glass of water.

Serious drinking panda

It cheered up no end and we all went to look for it’s mummy together. We couldn’t find anymore Charlee Pandas anywhere though but the little thing seems to have imprinted on the humans as surrogates. When we saw one of the humans it rushed up to it shouting ‘Mummy!’ we think it was indeed the female human (humans all look a like and the whole gender thing is still a bit of mystery to us Wiggly Pets!).

Anyway we are thinking the humans have actually adopted the baby panda and will be asking them about it.

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