The Big Surprise

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).


Well as those of you who have been following the blog will know us wiggly pets discovered a mysterious object that we believed to either be a denizen of another world or plane, or the craft of such beings. If you have not been keeping up you might like to read these posts before you go any furthur with this one:


The Expedition



We decided that communication had to be our first priority now as the fall it had sustained may well have injuried or damaged it. We dragged some big Light Shiners of the humans out to it (I believe the humans call them torches) and put coloured bits of acetate (Alice says look they are just sweet wrappers nothing special) over them so that we could shine coloured lights in sequences on it. For some reason Alice made us play various musical notes at the same time. (She’s muttering something about she saw it in a film and thought it looked like a good idea.)

All of this did not get one single response from the Entity so we tried to communicate with it by inverting the three dimensional representation of ourselves within this light cone (temporal, of course) but alas still nothing. We were just debating what to do next when one of the humans came over and asked us what we were doing with the Baby’s teether. It turns out that the strange mysterious object is nothing very alien at all, though its purpose is a highly strange one. It is not an alien or transdimensional being, oh no, it exists purely to be gummed and drooled upon by small humans to help them grow their teeth. I don’t really understand how this is suppposed to work, but apparently, it does.

This also meant that we had in fact been a bit cruel to the human’s wiggly woo, as it had been teething and we had stolen the one thing it had needed to help it through this difficult time, or so the human informed us (Alice would like to point out that I am infact parraphrasing and the human was very nice and understanding about the whole things really.)

Anyway we returned it to the human wiggly woo which proceeded to munch on it with great enthusiasm.

Still I think we can safely say that it was another successful adventure and hope to see you all again soon


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