Let There Be Light

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Alice keeping the human wiggly woo company Us being shaken by the Human Wiggly Woo!

Me and Alice came back from a nice day out to find that the humans had left their Wiggly Woo sitting in the half-dark twilight. The poor little thing can’t have been able to see very much so wiggly pets being naturally helpful creatures we decided that we would switch the light on for it. I’m sorry I still can not get over the fact that humans call their wiggly woos babies!

Anyway me and Alice fortunately had our paper clips and wool on us (Alice says, no, it’s a good job she had them on her as I’d just left my climbing equipement sitting on the ground and she picked it up in case it rained as that would have ruined it and it would have served me right).

Anyway we scaled the table that was up against the wall; I even got to tie and use a prusik loop to make the scaling easier! (Alice wants it noted that she infact had to take it off of me and retie it to make it safe – I think shes just a worry wort!)

Anyway we then had to dodge a kitten (a cat wiggly woo) which had climbed all the way up the curtain and pounced on us from the top of the window. However this did give us an idea of how we were actually going to get to the lightswitch, so we climbed up the curtains which is exhausting work for our little arms. Then we jumped up and down on the switch and finally got it to click but there was no light!

It turns out that the human’s RCD had tripped or something which ment that all their electricity had gone (Alice is rolling her eyes at me and muttering about residual currents; I’m not sure why). We decided that the wiggly woo might get scared sitting their in the dark so we decided to go and cheer it up.

Unfortunately Alice got pounced by one kitten en-route and I got pounced by another whilst trying to prize the first one’s teeth apart. Fortunately the humans fixed the lights and rescued us for which we are most grateful.

Still, it was another sucessful adventure!

Hope to see you all again soon


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