Alice Found a Kitten!

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Alice's Kitten

The humans who own the house we live in in Gloucestershire happen to have lots of cats which, for the most part, we get on with, wiggly pets being naturally freindly little creatures but some times we have a small problem with cat wiggly woos which are called kittens. These creatures are the sweetest looking bundles of fluff there is and happen to only be about ten wiggly pets in size but they are very – how shall I put this? POUNCY!

They are always catching us and batting us about and their teeth and claws are sharp! But they after all only babies and we realise they don’t mean any harm (Alice would like to point out that actually they do as they are training to be vicious hunters, something she’s hoping to train her one out of!).

Anyway Alice came in all excited becuase she could see a little ginger and white tail dangling over the edge of the dining room table, we thought that the kitten might be stranded up there – it may have been left there by an errant human or climbed up and not been able to climb down again so we set out to investigate.

So we quickly donned our climbing equipment and scaled the table and sure enough there was a little ginger and white kitten laying on the table, all cute and fluffy. To our immense supprise it did not instantly pounce us so Alice gingerly went over to it to see if it was ok.

It just sat there looking at us a bit soppy and vacant – Alice begain to get quite concerned as it did not respond to her polite enquiry as to whether it was OK, but a passing human assured us that it was fine and that there was nothing wronge with it. Alice then asked the human whose kitten it was and the human said it was theirs, but if she wanted she could have it as a sofa (We’re not sure what the human meant by ‘sofa’ but it seemed to think we’d take it home with us) Alice by this point had fallen head over heels in love with the little ball of fluff and so agreed to adopt it!

We’ll let you all know how the training goes!


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