A Jungle Adventure

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known).

Ted and Alice in the Rock Rose

We decided that it was a nice day to go exploring, so we trundled down to the edge of the jungle. I believe that the humans call it the “rock garden”. First of all, we had to scale a metre-high stone outcrop known as a “wall”. This was very hard work, especially for our little arms. Once at the top, we stopped to rest on some lovely soft knee-high moss. (Alice would just like to point out right now that it can not have possible have been knee-high as we don’t have any knees – I would like to point out that it is a figure of speech and that I don’t want to go exploring with her anymore – she says I’m being childish!)

ANYWAY, we rested on the nice soft moss and boy, were we exhausted! We got a passing human to take this photo of us as Alice had stupidly forgotten the camera (Alice says she would like me to note that I was the one supposed to be doing the packing and therefore any items left behind because she had to save the day by packing in five minutes are entirely my fault – I personally would like it noted that I think this is extremely unfair).

It was lovely and sunny and we thought we’d have a picnic before we moved on, which was nice. We had cheese sandwiches and raspberry cordial and some rather nice mint that we found growing around and about. That lot munched, we decided that it was too near to midday to go traipsing around a jungle and decided it would be better to have a little after-lunch snooze so that our food digested properly.

Of course Alice forgot to set the alarm clock (she says she would like it noted that she would never even pack the alarm clock because it’s about ten times bigger then we are and that would just be stupid – I think she takes far too much notice of physical laws personally). So by the time we awoke it was early evening and far too late to head off into the scary jungle. I mean there could be anything in there! Slugs, bees, cats or maybe even (and this is the scariest bit) a pheasant!

So we gathered up some more mint to give to the guys back home and clambered back down the rock face.

All in all I feel it was a successful, if slightly side tracked, adventure.

Hope to see you all again soon


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