The Sun Trees of Bench Country

Posted by Nrgleeeeeeflump and WIGGGGNa (or Ted and Alice, as they prefer to be known). The Flame Trees of Bench Country

Alice had heard from the kittens (cat wiggly woos) that there were strange and mysterious Sun Trees that grew with red fire in their bellies and golden sun light at their edges.  These fabled trees are supposed to come from the seeds carried by the phoenix on its migratory routes from Iceland to Yellow Stone Park.

Alice wasn’t sure weather this planet or even this set of dimensions actually has phoenixes (Alice says that she is sure that is not the correct pluralisation of phoenix and is now arguing with one of the humans about phoeni – I am trying not to roll my eyes – she says she can see what I’m typing).  We decided that the trees would be nice to go and see anyway regardless of whether the fires birds exist or not.  We had also heard a lot about bench country and felt it would be a good place to have an expedition too.

So we packed up our supplies (Alice says, no, she packed up our supplies) and we headed out.  Now Bench Country is quite far away and we had to navigate the gravel river that dusty desolate place with the roaring monsters otherwise known as  The Drive Way.  We had to go down the gravel river and into the Great Gavel Sea (the humans apparently call this the Turning Circle or Fore Court) and there at the edge of the Gravel Sea is Bench Country.

The Bench itself soars into the sky with majestic wonder (Alice says, no, it doesn’t, and we’ve scaled far higher things – again I feel she has a complete lack of poetic understanding).  Next to the Bench stands the Sun trees.  We sat in their shade and had a lovely lunch of pickled artichoke hearts and ryebread all washed down with some rose petal wine.

Of course then Alice decided we would dehydrate and we had to drink some water she had bought with her as well which didn’t taste anywhere near as good as the rose petal wine.  The trees were a tangle and the forest too deep for us to attempt on our own for fear of the beasts that may lurk within – one of the humans reckons a large toad lives in there and he is apt to try and gobble up little wiggly pets.

The tops of the trees were like blazing suns in such vibrant colours (Alice is rolling her eyes again and saying they were yellow and red in a fetching concentric pattern that she is now trying to replicate with a simulation, she thinks its might be a Penrose tiling and therefore easily identifiable – I actually have no idea what she is talking about but never mind).

The Sun Trees were another exciting adventure – this world holds so many things for us to explore.  It’s really very exciting.

Hope to see you all next week

Ted and Alice.

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