The Walnut Tree

Me and Alice were wondering about in front of the house were the humans live when we notice a large black pot had appeared. We decided to investigate it so we went and got our paper clips and wool so that we could scale the sides easily.

Inside the pot was a woody pant with some leaves at the top, me and Alice examined it closely and had a big argument over weather it was a tree. (Alice wants me to point out that she was right and I was most definatly wrong as I thought it was a dandilion – I think that Alice should learn about the concept of humility – she says in that case I need to take the master class – not quiet sure what she means there).

Anyway it turns out to be a Walnut Tree and appearently it is going to get alot bigger – can you believe that it will be many human height tall – this seems incredible to me and Alice but the humans assure us it is so. They got it from a neighbour to plant for their baby (humans call their wiggly woos babies – silly creatures). It is apparently the same age as their young one and they seem very excited by it all.

Apparently it will produce nuts that are almost wiggly pet size! And we can have the shells to make bowls and the like – it all sounds very intreging and we can’t wait to see it grow into a strapping young tree. The humans say this will take along time but they are purely temporial beings which we Wiggly Pets aren’t.

Hope to see you all soon

Ted and Alice


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