The Dandilion Parasol

Dandilion Parasol

After what Alice terms my identifaction feasco last week were I made the innocent and understandable mistake of calling a walnut tree sapling a dandilion, she insisted that we went for a flower survey. The survey had two purposes the first was that Alice had heared that one of the humans had been doing flower surveys for English Nature and thought it would be nice to help and the second was to teach me about floral identification.

So we set off across the great green vastness of the Lawn. Alice had made Buzz and Zack come with us as well – mainly I think so that they could carry the clip boards for recording things. As always Alice had drawn up a search algorhythem so that we could attack the problem in a systamatic way. (She says that she’s still hurt that none of us stuck to them and that the results of the survey will not mean anything as we all just wondered off in random directions).

Anyway amoungst the grass we found sever flowers, some were cream tufty flowers where each petal looked like a little white pod of some sort. These Alice informed me were Clover flowers and could be found in pink and purples too. We looked for the other colours but didn’t really find any. Apparently humans have some funny idea about clover leaves and can sometimes be found spending vast amounts of time looking for one with four leaves instead of three – we haven’t worked out why yet when there is a load of them growing in the flower bed infront of their house :/

We then found these lovely flower with custard yellow middles and lots of thin long white petals. These were again quiet small. These Alice informs me are daisys. Not unlike the Pink Daisy trees we investigated a while back – only small.

Then I found a bright yellow sun on the ground! (Alice says I’m being to discriptive again but that is really what it did look like). This turned out to be a dandilion – it really doesn’t look anything like a walnut tree I have to admit.

Now I wanted to take it back to the house with me but we have been told off before about picking the flowers but then one of the humans told us that dandilions are considered weeds and that we were welcome to as many of them as we wanted.

This cheered us all up as we thought they would make lovely parrasols for the summer! So we picked some there and then.

One of the humans did say that it doesn’t consider the dandilions weeds and if we wanted we should come and see her next week and she’d give us a job to do!

It was all very exciting and informative

Hope to see you all soon

Ted and Alice

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