Almost Boiled Alive!

Ok so last week the one of the humans said that they didn’t consider the bright yellow flower known as a dandilion a weed like some of the other humans and that if we wanted a job we should come and see them. Me and Alice turned up eggar and ready to help and the human set us to picking all the yellow flowers we could find!

Apparently dandilions make a lovely desert wine.

We got the whole crew on bored and picked all day sneezing and becoming steadily more yellow from the pollen. Zack couldn’t seem to tell the difference between the bright yellow flowers and the fluffy white seed balls these marvolous flowers turn into. As a result he went on a short paragluide clinding onto the seed for his dear life!

Anyway we managed to pick enough for the human to have to use both its’ fermenting buckets – it seemed to pour water on the flowers and add some sugar and stuff. But what happened was that the kettle had to be boiled for various stages of cleaning buckets and things and me being covered in the yellow pollen I accidently got thrown into the fermenting bucket with all the flowers and I would have been boiled alive if the humans wiggly woo (I think I’ve mentioned before humans call them babies) hadn’t gotten all excited.

(Alice says I’m exaggerating again and that at no point was I almost boiled alive other wise the wiggly woo would not have been crawling around the kitchen at that point in the wine making – I think she is just rose tinting the past personally.)

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