Dexter Puppy’s Christmas Visit

Here is a little write up from one of the humans about a very cute visitor we had here at Wiggly Pet HQ last week.

Dexter’s Visit

Mummy had been talking about wanting a puppy for a while but Daddy was concerned about how much work it would be, so everyone was very excited when Mary brought home a new friend from nursery.

Dexter the puppy getting ready for Christmas

Dexter the puppy got lots of hugs and pats from Mary and her big sister Jean, and Mummy and Daddy. The cats on the other hand thought this was dreadful and headed straight for the door but on discovering it was raining decided to just curl up and ignore Dexter in another room.

Mummy explained that Dexter would only be staying a week but the cats were still not sure it was such a good thing but then they saw how much cuddling the puppy was getting from little baby Mary and sighed and huge sigh of relief that it was not them she was snugging.

Baby Mary snugging Dexter Puppy

During the week Dexter played with Mary in the mornings, jumping around yapping excitedly whilst Mary would spin in circles shouting, ‘Weeeeeee!’ They would do this non-stop until they were both so dizzy that they crashed down to the floor were they would then snug down together under a blanket. They then played lots of games like sitting on the blanket and being pirates on a raft.

Mary and Dexter playing

After all that playing they would be very hungry so it was lunch time! Sushi rice and chopped up peppers for Mary and make-believe dog biscuits for Dexter. Sometimes Mary would insist on giving Dexter breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper!

So it was a good job it was imaginary food though poor mummy did get very tired having to make all those pretend meals!

Baby Mary ordering more imaginary food for Dexter the puppy

After lunch it is Mary’s nap time but Mary gets a bit cross at nap time and so Dexter the puppy tended to get flying lessons out of the cot each afternoon. When big sis Jean came home from school Mary would wake up from the nap and still be quiet grumpy but a quick hug from the puppy and an afternoon snack of banana and more invisible dog biscuits whilst listening to Jeany read the Hobbit would soon cheer both baby and puppy up!

Mary stroking Dexter Puppy

Dexter the puppy and Mary the baby and Jeany the big sis, and Mummy the pretend food creator and Daddy the Daddy, but not the cats, had a great time with an adventure packed week including The Incident of The Strang Christmas Decoration. Which of course turned out to be Dexter who had climbed up and hidden in the Christmas tree during a game of hide and seek with the girls!

The strangest christmas decoration

Dexter Puppy playing hide and seek

The End


p.s. Alice says that I should say that, the human who wrote (yes Alice I know it should be “written” but it’s me that’s writing this not you!) is currently doing a Draw-a-thon to raise money for Shelter which is a charity here in the UK that helps homeless people and those likely to loose their homes. There are over 75, 000 homeless children this year and it is Christmas time which is very important time to the humans though personally I think we should be helping people ALL THE TIME but humans don’t always think that way. Anyway the human is attempting to illustrate a childrens story before Christmas Eve – she started a few days ago and has some lovely pencil sketches that look very much like a little mouse they once own (Alice says that is because the story is based on true events!). The story will go up here with a down loadable option as well, for free. If she hits her sponsor target of £100 she will also make the audio version free for everyone as that will help 5 families!

So here is the sponsor button… the human is turfing me off the computer now to scan her latest drawings for the story!

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